Hollandaise sauce on top of asparagus

Is Hollandaise Sauce Keto?

Hollandaise sauce takes a few minutes to prepare, and adding it to your meal is an ideal way of getting high-fat and low carbs. But, even with low-carb and high-fat: is Hollandaise sauce keto? Here is a comprehensive guide on including Hollandaise sauce in your ketogenic diet.

Is Hollandaise Sauce Keto-Friendly or Not?

Depending on the ingredients used, Hollandaise sauce can be keto-friendly or not. Non-keto Hollandaise sauce contains high-carb ingredients such as artificial sweeteners and sugars. However, it is possible to get a keto-friendly hollandaise sauce in stores and online as long as you ensure the ingredients are keto approved.

Salmon with hollandaise sauce

Also, some homemade Hollandaise sauce recipes have high fat and protein and are keto friendly. So, is Hollandaise sauce keto? This guide details everything about keto-friendly Hollandaise sauce.

How to Make a Keto Friendly Hollandaise Sauce 

Preparing a healthy and mouth-watering Hollandaise sauce is an effortless task. All you need is the right ingredients to produce the highest flavor profile.


  • Ground black pepper
  • Egg yolks
  • Ground cayenne 
  • Sea salt 
  • Unsalted butter
  • Freshly-squeezed lemon juice
  • Water 


Assemble all the required ingredients you will need. For the best results, you'll want to ensure that you purchase high quality ingredients. From there, you can follow these directions to create a keto friendly hollandaise sauce:

  • Fill a medium saucepan with an inch of water
  • Place the water on a source of heat until it gets warm
  • Remove the water from the heat source after it gets warm, transfer it to a bowl, and whisk two large egg yolks and two teaspoons of freshly-squeezed lemon juice.
  • Alternatively, you can use a Ninja blender to blend until thoroughly combined.
  • Melt the unsalted butter
  • Reduce the heat to medium-low and place your bowl on it. Make sure you don't overheat the sauce, or the egg will overcook and become chunky. 
  • For about 5 minutes, whisk the egg yolk and lemon continuously until it becomes thick and bubbly.
  • After getting a thick pale yellow sauce, remove your bowl from the source of heat. 
  • Slowly add two tablespoons of melted unsalted butter one at a time and continue to whisk.
  • Mix 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt, ground cayenne, and ground black pepper to taste.
  • Serve your keto friendly hollandaise sauce hot. 
    Asparagus being cooked in a pot with a hollandaise sauce beside it

Important Tips to Remember

Here are some additional tips that will help you in the preparation process.

  • Make sure you have removed all the egg white from the yolk for it to thicken properly.
  • Ensure you minimize the heat of the saucepan, and the water should not boil rapidly; instead, it should steam or gently simmer. 
  • The eggs should not cook fully; if they do, you end up with scrambled eggs instead of a smooth sauce.
  • Cook the lemon /egg yolk until it gets thick such that no runny liquid is left.
  • The melted butter should be poured slowly while continuously whisking to ensure that the keto hollandaise sauce will not break.
  • You should keep the sauce warm if you do not require it right away. To keep it warm, place a piece of plastic directly on the surface of the sauce. This works better than wrapping the bowl in plastic.

How Can a Homemade Keto Friendly Hollandaise Sauce Be Stored?

Hollandaise sauce can go bad easily as it contains a rich mixture of melted butter and egg yolks. It cannot be stored in the fridge for more than a week without developing a sour taste due to over fermentation. Below are tips on how you can store a keto-friendly Hollandaise sauce:

Ensure Leftovers Are Not Stored at Room Temperature 

If leftovers are stored at room temperature, they increase the chances of bacteria growth on top of the mixture leading to spoilage. Refrigerate leftover sauces immediately. 

Seal the Sauce and Store It Away From Light

The container you store your sauce in should be airtight to safeguard it from contamination. Also, keep away from light.

If you want to transport your sauce over long distances or store it for a prolonged period, place it in an ice bath. This stabilizes its temperature and prevents it from going bad.

How Long Can a Homemade Keto Friendly Hollandaise Sauce Last?

A homemade keto friendly Hollandaise sauce can last for up to one week if correctly stored in an airtight container in the fridge. It tastes best if consumed within the first two to three hours after making since all the flavors are fresh.

Hollandaise sauce on top of asparagus

The more you store your sauce, the more it loses its consistency, becomes watery and less tasty. Remember that the eggs in the Hollandaise sauce spoil as they are only partially cooked. 

If you have a sensitive stomach, eating a Hollandaise sauce that has been stored for more than 3 hours can make you develop stomach issues.

How Do You Know That Your Homemade Hollandaise Sauce Has Gone Bad? 

Even if you have refrigerated your Hollandaise sauce, checking whether it has gone bad before eating it is advisable. The following will help you know whether your homemade Hollandaise sauce has gone bad:

  • Your sauce should have an opaque and thick texture that is creamy even when whisked, and if there is any lump, then it has gone bad.
  • The egg yolks should have a pale yellow color, and if they have changed, then oxidation has taken place and your sauce might be poisonous if consumed. 
  • If you smell any foul odor from your hollandaise sauce, then throw it away immediately. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Freeze Hollandaise Sauce?

If you want to store your freshly made hollandaise sauce for more than a week, you will need to put it in a freezer-safe container with an airtight seal before freezing it. Freeze it once you open the bottle if it is a store-bought one. 

Is Hollandaise Sauce Healthy for Consumption?

A hollandaise sauce has a low-carb content, particularly a homemade keto-friendly one. For instance, a homemade hollandaise sauce contains a small amount of fresh lemon juice, egg yolks, and unsalted butter, which are all healthy.

Final Thoughts 

So, is hollandaise sauce keto? You can make your hollandaise sauce naturally keto if you use keto approved ingredients such as healthy oils and low-carb veggies. You can also purchase a keto-friendly dressing, although you should still check the label before purchase just to double check. Alternatively, you can purchase a sauce from Hungry Squirrel and have the guarantee that your sauce will be 100% keto friendly.