Bottles of Holy Camoly hot sauce

Is Hot Sauce Keto?

If you are on a ketogenic diet, you might be wondering whether you can use hot sauce to spice up your meal. But, is hot sauce keto? In this guide, we will help you understand more about keto-friendly hot sauces.

Is Hot Sauce Keto? 

Vinegar and water-based hot sauces are low in carbs, making them keto, and can be included in a ketogenic diet. However, not all hot sauces are created equal, and some contain fruit syrups, honey, ketchup, and added sugars that make them not keto-friendly.

That means you'll need to check out the labels and see what ingredients are included in a hot sauce before adding it to your ketogenic diet.

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Health Benefits of Keto-Friendly Hot Sauces

Keto-friendly hot sauces such as the Keto Sweet & Spicy Chili Sauce provide various benefits, including uplifting mood, weight loss, and long-term medicinal advantages. Check out some of the perks of adding some hot sauce spice to your keto diet.

  • Boost your mood: Hot sauce makes you joyful. You’ll keep coming back for more, even though the searing feeling of eating super-spicy dishes can be painful. This is due to the endorphins released when we eat spicy or hot foods.
  • Relieve hunger pangs: The savory characteristic of hot sauce might leave you feeling fuller, decreasing your appetite. You're more likely to make prudent food choices and consume fewer calories overall if your hunger is suppressed.
  • Add flavor to meals that would normally be boring: Any keto-friendly hot sauce is a healthy way to add flavor and interest to otherwise dull and monotonous meals. This burst of flavor might make sticking to a balanced eating plan a lot simpler.
  • Increase metabolism: Spicy foods can also help you healthily lose weight. For example, capsaicin, the critical element in chilies and hot sauce, has been demonstrated in studies to help your body burn calories more quickly.
  • Prevent Colds: Hot sauce's spicy characteristics have been demonstrated to help relieve cold and flu symptoms by alleviating sinus and nasal congestion, raising body temperature, and soothing respiratory issues.
  • Reduce pain and inflammation: Anti-inflammatory qualities have been found in hot and spicy meals. They can aid with headaches, nausea, shingles, arthritis, autoimmune disorders, and other painful conditions and symptoms.
  • Improves general health: The critical component capsaicin, found in the red chilies in hot sauce, can improve circulation and cardiovascular health. This is because spicy foods have antioxidant, antimicrobial, and even anti-carcinogenic effects, thus eating hot sauce regularly may help you live longer.
Bottles of Holy Camoly hot sauce

How Can You Use Hot Sauce in Your Ketogenic Diet? 

Like any other keto-friendly spice, you can use a hot sauce as a condiment in various ways. Here are some different ways you can use a hot sauce on keto:


One of the easiest and the most popular ways of using a hot sauce on keto is by using it as a marinade for chicken or for slow cooker meals if you don’t want to use it as a salad dressing.

Adding it to Soup 

If you are on a ketogenic diet and you want a savory and filling broth without using starchy noodles, you can consider adding some hot sauce into the soup. Additionally, including coconut aminos has the same effect as adding a hot sauce into a stew or soup. 

The amount of hot sauce that you should add to the soup will depend on how spicy you want the stew to be. It is therefore advisable to start with a sprinkle and then keep on adding until you achieve your desired taste.

Keep in mind that the hot sauce you prepare at home might not be as strong as the one you buy from a store, and so it is challenging to determine the exact amount of hot sauce you will use each time. 

Mixing it with Scrambled Eggs 

Considering that eggs are keto, you can stir the hot sauce into eggs. This helps to add some extra flavor and fat to the scrambled eggs. Also, using a hot sauce with deviled eggs and chicken wing recipes makes them more filling, eliminating the temptation of eating too much. 

Keeping in mind that a keto diet aims at adjusting your food intake to maintain you into a specific state of ketosis, the high-fat content in hot sauce enhances this by ensuring you stay full.Stack of pancakes beside a bottle of hot sauce

Related Questions

What is Considered as Healthy Hot Sauce? 

A keto-friendly hot sauce is considered to be the healthiest as it doesn't contain carbohydrates or added sugars. However, you will need to check out the ingredients when purchasing one as some hot sauces contain added sugars.

Can Keto-Friendly Hot Sauce Help Burn Belly Fat?

Yes, a keto-friendly hot sauce can help you burn belly fat. The hot chemical in a hot sauce known as capsaicin which helps to boost the body metabolism also enhances fat oxidation. 

Besides, capsaicin temporarily raises the temperature of the body which improves the rate of calorie burn as the body utilizes energy trying to lower the body temperature. 

Are Hot Wings Keto-Friendly?

Yes, hot wings are keto. Each chicken wing on its own has 6.4 grams of protein and zero grams of carbs, as long as they’re served without any seasoning or sauce. IF you can some hot wings that are keto, you can use your favorite keto-friendly hot sauce. 


To conclude, is hot sauce keto? Yes, hot sauce is keto and is one of the most popular condiments that people on ketogenic diets enjoy. You can mix it with scrambled eggs, add it in soup, or even for marination.