Yum yum sauce in a ceramic bowl

Is Yum Yum Sauce Keto?

If you are a lover of yum yum sauce, and under a ketogenic diet, you could be looking forward to including it in your keto diet. However, is yum yum sauce keto? This guide will help you understand whether yum yum sauce is keto or not. 

Is Yum Yum Sauce Keto or Not?

If the yum yum sauce is made using high-carb processed foods such as modified starch, canola oil, and sugar, then it’s not keto. However, if it’s made using erythritol, tomato paste, and other low-carb ingredients, then it’s keto-friendly.

Yum yum sauce, also known as Sakura sauce or white sauce, is made up of Japanese mayonnaise as the main ingredient. But depending on other ingredients used in the recipe, some store-bought yum yum sauces can be keto-friendly while others are most certainly not.

Yum yum sauce in a ceramic bowl

Why Yum Yum Sauce Might Not Be Keto-Friendly

Some of the reasons why some Yum Yum sauces are not keto-friendly might be:

Excess Carbohydrates

Naturally, if you look at the label and find out a Yum Yum sauce contains a large number of carbohydrates, it should be avoided if you're on a low-carb diet because the high carb level will throw you off ketosis.

To stay in ketosis, keep your net carb content between 20 grams to 30 grams in a day. You might also look for other condiments that are low in net carbohydrates as an option.


Sugar and dextrose are high-carb sweeteners in some yum yum sauces. Your blood sugar will surge as a result of these sugars, preventing you from reaching ketosis.

Canola Oil

Canola oil is a highly refined oil that can oxidize and produce inflammation in the body. High heat and chemicals are generally used to obtain highly refined oils. This procedure removes the oil's nutrients and replaces them with hazardous compounds.


Some yum yum sauces contain starch and sodium benzoate, both of which are not keto-friendly.

Food additives can be damaging to your health, so you ought to keep away from them however much as possible especially when you are focusing on maintaining a keto diet.

Where Does Yum Yum Sauce Come From?

Even though this sauce is known as a Japanese steakhouse sauce, it is an American innovation that is not available in Japanese restaurants. In any case, in the United States and Canada, it is a significant piece of the Japanese eatery experience.

White sauce, shrimp sauce, hibachi sauce, and wonderful sauce are all names for this Japanese-American sauce. However, whichever name you know it by, the general opinion is that it is delicious. 

It's an absolute necessity for any Japanese steakhouse supper, regardless of whether it is used on barbecued chicken, singed rice and noodles, veggies, or as a plunging sauce for shrimp, potstickers, and sushi.

How Can I Prepare A Keto Yum Yum Sauce?

Making your keto yum-yum sauce has a few advantages. At the very least, it allows you to control what ingredients are being added, and adjust the recipe to reach your own keto diet goals.

This sauce is ideal for anyone who avoids dairy ingredients in their foods and sauces because it contains no cream or other dairy products. This sauce is also gluten-free, though not by design.

It is still possible to prepare a low-carb version of a yum yum sauce that is perfectly spiced, tangy, and sweet. Here is how you can prepare a delicious keto yum yum sauce in roughly 5 minutes.


Here are some of the healthy and low-carb ingredients you will need to prepare a keto version of yum yum sauce:


Mayonnaise is the main ingredient that makes a yum yum sauce rich and creamy. It is low in carb, making it ideal for making a keto yummy yum sauce. If you don't have it, you can substitute it with homemade mayo.  

Tomato Paste 

When preparing a keto yum yum sauce, you will need to substitute the ketchup with tomato paste. You can also choose ketchup with low carbs per serving, essentially lower than 2 grams.


It is advisable to go for sweet paprika when preparing a keto yum yum sauce. Keep in mind that using smoked paprika can lead to a complete flavor change. However, you can consider using smoked paprika if you are planning to use the keto yum yum sauce with a vegetarian dish. 

Garlic Powder

The garlic powder helps to add spiciness into the keto yum yum sauce, and so you can omit it especially if you're not a fan of spices. You can also consider using a pinch of cayenne pepper or a hot sauce as a spice.


Butter is one of the main ingredients when making a keto yum yum sauce, and so you should not omit it. The butter helps the keto yum yum sauce to replicate the Japanese hibachi traditional recipe.


Instead of using sugar, it is advisable to use powdered monk fruit as a sweetener when preparing keto yum yum sauce. You can also use erythritol in place of sugar. 


Once you have your ingredients ready, the preparation procedure should take you less than 5 minutes. Here is how to do it:

Put the ingredients into a bowl

  1. Put 1 and 1/2 cups of mayonnaise into the bowl 
  2. Put a quarter cup of tomato paste into the bowl 
  3. Scoop 2 tablespoons of erythritol into the bowl 
  4. Add 1/2 teaspoon of paprika, either the smoked or regular paprika 
  5. Add 1/8 teaspoon of cayenne
  6. Scoop 1/2 teaspoon of onion powder into the bowl 
  7. Add some butter into the bowl 

Mix the ingredients 

  1. Using a high-speed blender or whisk, mix all the ingredients in the mixing bowl until they are well mixed.
  2. Add a teaspoonful of water at a time until the sauce reaches your target consistency. Keep in mind that the sauce should not be thick, and you should be able to spoon or pour over your food with ease.
  3. Consider refrigerating the mixer for a few hours to allow the flavors to meld together before serving. However, there is no harm in serving it immediately. 
  4. You can use it as a salad dressing or a fry sauce.

Related Questions

Is It Possible to Eat Sauce On a Keto Diet?

Yes, but in moderation. Additionally, making your own yum yum sauce with keto-friendly ingredients can allow you to create a Yum Yum sauce that fits your diet. 

Is It Possible to Add Spices to Yum Yum Sauce?

You certainly can. Chili Sauce, which is quite similar to sriracha, is the quickest way to add some Asian-style spiciness to this sauce.

Is Yum Yum Sauce Harmful to Your Health?

Both the restaurant and bottled versions are loaded with sugar and preservatives that should be ingested in moderation especially when on a keto diet.


So, is yum yum sauce keto or not? The ingredients that you will use to make your yum yum sauce will determine whether the yum yum sauce is keto or not. With the above tips and ingredients, you can prepare a keto yum yum sauce in around 5 minutes.