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Risa's Balanced Living to Flavorful Creations

From our early beginnings, Risa was a champion for Hungry Squirrel. Embracing our sauces and dressings, she crafted recipes that dazzled us. Her creative culinary prowess with our products is simply breathtaking.

She's a proponent of healthy living. With intermittent fasting and carb cycling, she's mastering the art of balance. From innovative salads to delectable keto-friendly desserts, Risa's Instagram feed is a treasure trove of culinary inspiration for those seeking to balance taste and nutrition in their daily meals:

"Sauce is always tricky when it comes to keeping my meals low carb. I love that Hungry Squirrel Sauces are keto friendly and easy to add to my meals.

My favorite sauces are their BBQ sauce and ketchup, mostly because they are my staple sauces at home and most ketchup and bbq sauces are not keto friendly. I love the texture and flavor of Hungry Squirrel ketchup and BBQ sauce. I dip everything into these sauces from keto fries, wings to pizzas!

Being a foodie it was always a struggle trying to keep my figures in check. I love discovering new restaurants and trying new things. By staying keto during the week, it allows me to indulge once or twice a week without feeling guilty. I do try to stay keto when I go out. I would order salads, steaks, protein and replace the potatoes with salad. But occasionally I will indulge on a pizza or have sushi instead of just sashimi."

Over on her Instagram @keto.risa, she's spreading the love for a vibrant keto lifestyle, one mouth-watering recipe at a time. It's not just about cutting carbs, it's about embracing a rainbow of delicious possibilities!

So, here's to Risa, an OG of The Squirrel Squad®️, our guide in the world of flavors and an inspiration in the keto lifestyle. We're positively tingling with anticipation for the next gourmet masterpiece that you'll bring to life!

Join Risa as she continues her delicious exploits, one bite at a time!


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