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Sammy the Grill Master

Championing Nutrition in The 702

Greetings from the heart of Las Vegas, where the city never sleeps, and neither does our resident grill master, Sammy! Known to his growing Instagram community as @702inthekitchen, Sammy is as real as they come—an everyday hero with a love for smoked meats, sports, hiking, and travel.

From the great culinary legend Julia Child, Sammy's mantra in life is simple but profound: "The only real stumbling block is fear of failure. Cooking requires patience and attention. It demands the 'what the hell' attitude." And boy, does he live by it!

Embracing a nutritional diet wasn't just a choice for Sammy—it was a revelation. "It taught me to attempt to eat healthier as I realized long-term health is more important than anything," he shares earnestly. For him, it's about keeping an eye on carbs, calories, and sugar intake, turning the seemingly daunting task into a thrilling challenge.

Enter Sammy's partner-in-crime (or should we say, partner-in-grill?), Hungry Squirrel. Our range of sauces and dressings not only elevate his dishes but also align with his health goals, making them a staple in his kitchen. "They enhance my meals, but having options to still enjoy sauces that taste amazing with less guilt is a game-changer," Sammy confesses.

His favorite culinary creation? An Oriental Chicken Salad using Hungry Squirrel's Chinese Dressing—a delightful fusion of flavors that's as palate-pleasing as it is nutritious.

At the heart of Sammy's journey is his family. His wife and kids are his motivation, his inspiration, his cheerleaders. Their support fuels his determination to maintain this path of nutritional enlightenment, and in turn, inspires them to do the same.

image divided in 2 - 1st side Sammy gilling outside and 2nd side the Sammy squirrel mascot by the food.


For those embarking on their wellness journey, Sammy has some sage advice: "Focus on you, watch your ingredients, and keep tabs on your carb, calorie, and sugar intake."

Sammy's love for grilling and cooking, especially smoking meats, is infectious. He credits his brother's family and @sipnngrilln for inspiring him to delve into the smoky, savory world of smoked meats.

His wisdom for fledgling grillers? "Pay attention to products. Remember, there are smaller companies who support more and look at ingredients." Wise words indeed!

So, here's to Sammy, our grill maestro from the 702, who's on a mission to champion nutrition without compromising flavor. Thank you, Sammy, for being a part of The Squirrel Squad! Your passion for food and health is truly inspirational. Keep smoking, grilling, and inspiring!

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