A Hungry Squirrel is a Healthy Squirrel!

Hungry Squirrel is revolutionizing the way people think about nutrition, and is making meal times easier. We love the challenge of creating tasty, innovative, __ sauces and dressings that are healthy.



It's Nutty How Hard We All Work!

Flavorless food isn’t enjoyable. In the past, dietary restrictions might have meant sacrificing your favorite eats. Today, advances in food science have made nutrition not only palatable, but deeply satisfying.

In 2020, lifelong restaurateur Sandra DiCicco teamed up with culinary artist Romanna Clark to bridge the divide between taste and nutrition by launching a line of specialty sauces fit for almost any diet. The result blended family-inspired recipes with the latest advancements in food science.

Hungry Squirrel products are carefully engineered to make our favorite sauces, dressings, and dips accessible to all diets. They are designed by fresh-obsessed flavor junkies, who eat, sleep, and breath nutrition. By combining rich flavors with healthful ingredients for ketogenic, paleo, gluten-free, and glycemic-sensitive diets, Hungry Squirrel is revolutionizing nutrition.



A Squirrel in Motion Stays in Motion

We know you are busy! Hungry Squirrel works hard to create sauces, dressings, and dry mixes to make meal times easy, fun, and delicious.



“The happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more.” Sandra DiCicco 

Sandra DiCicco is a woman with a vision! As a restaurateur, Sandra has made a name for herself in fine dining. She currently owns and operates a number of locally celebrated kitchens in North County San Diego, including Bellamy’s Restaurant, Giaola Italian Kitchen, DiCicco’s Restaurant and Pizzeria, and Nick & G’s.

Through it all she has remained steadfast in her commitment to healthy, tasty cuisine. Sandra’s restaurants feature freshly sourced ingredients from her family’s farms in Kona, Hawaii and the San Pasqual Valley. All of her menus are crafted to celebrate the season’s freshest flavors.

In addition to work as local restaurant tycoon, Sandra is a highly regarded philanthropist, recognized for her commitment to community nonprofits. She was recently named “Woman of the Year” by the Hollenbeck Center, a group which provides support to struggling children and young adults in Los Angeles, California.

Sandra’s restaurant savvy and commitment to helping others helped drive the creation of Hungry Squirrel. The first Hungry Squirrel sauces were developed to help her son, who has type one diabetes, live a happier, more fulfilling life. Expanding on this idea, Hungry Squirrel was refined into a lifestyle brand which supports health conscious individuals with dietary restrictions.