A Hungry Squirrel is a Healthy Squirrel!

Hungry Squirrel is revolutionizing the way people think about nutrition, and is making meal times easier. We love the challenge of creating tasty, innovative, __ sauces and dressings that are healthy.



It's Nutty How Hard We All Work!

Flavorless food isn’t enjoyable. In the past, dietary restrictions might have meant sacrificing your favorite eats. Today, advances in food science have made nutrition not only palatable, but deeply satisfying.

In 2020, lifelong restaurateur Sandra DiCicco teamed up with culinary artist Romanna Clark to bridge the divide between taste and nutrition by launching a line of specialty sauces fit for almost any diet. The result blended family-inspired recipes with the latest advancements in food science.

Hungry Squirrel products are carefully engineered to make our favorite sauces, dressings, and dips accessible to all diets. They are designed by fresh-obsessed flavor junkies, who eat, sleep, and breath nutrition. By combining rich flavors with healthful ingredients for ketogenic, paleo, gluten-free, and glycemic-sensitive diets, Hungry Squirrel is revolutionizing nutrition.



A Squirrel in Motion Stays in Motion

We know you are busy! Hungry Squirrel works hard to create sauces, dressings, and dry mixes to make meal times easy, fun, and delicious.



“The happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more.”

As a successful restaurateur with over 30 years of experience, Sandra DiCicco is more than familiar with what it takes to make a positive impact on peoples’ lives. 

A young Sandra spent countless hours in the kitchen, cooking delicious family recipes that had been passed down from generation to generation. “I was exposed to the joys of cooking with my mother and grandmother from an early age,” she says. The rest, as they say, is history.

Sandra has always been interested in healthy, great-tasting food, and following more than one significant diagnosis, a fuel had been added to her fire. DiCicco has Type-2 diabetes, and her son is also a Type-1 diabetic. While searching for products that were healthy for her and her family, Sandra realized how limited the choices were. This realization ignited her devotion to start revolutionizing the everyday, common sauces, dressings, and dry mixes–thus launching Hungry Squirrel.

In less than two years on the market, two of Hungry Squirrel’s sauces were awarded Amazon’s Hot New Release accolade. Hungry Squirrel provides keto products that are formulated with all natural, healthy ingredients and exclude artificial preservatives and sweeteners. DiCicco gladly accepts the challenge of creating healthy and delicious alternatives that make meal times easy.

In addition to Amazon’s recognition, Sandra DiCicco paved way the path for Hungry Squirrel and received the distinguished certifications from the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council, WBENC, which connects women—owned businesses with the top, buying leaders from major corporations and government entities.

Sandra takes it upon herself to develop and encourage other women in various industries, DiCicco says,“I’m all in when it comes to supporting the dreams and desires of women entrepreneurs to promote their success.” Sandra is proud of the positive influence that her endeavors have brought. Her philanthropic efforts include the Tea3 Charitable Foundation, the Boys and Girls Club, the American Heart Association,Brother’s Forever Foundation, and Rady Children’s Hospital. She also makes it a priority to support different schools and groups within her local area.

Over the course of her career, Sandra DiCicco has built a restaurant group, created innovative product lines, developed real estate, and managed retail operations. Stemming from all of her ventures, she has provided valuable products and services, while also creating hundreds of jobs across the country.

At her leisure, Sandra enjoys spending time with her immediate and large, extended family. She loves doing activities like cooking and baking, as well as traveling domestically, and internationally. DiCicco’s passion is fueled by those she holds close to her heart, and developing a food line that is healthy and delicious is one of the many side effects everyone gets to benefit from. 

Be on the lookout for her NEW Hungry Squirrel cook book, COMING SOON!.