Our Mission Statement

Hungry Squirrel is bridging the gap between taste and nutrition with a line of sauces fit for almost any diet. We've blended family-inspired recipes with the latest advancements in food science to deliver the tastes you love, without all the unhealthy additives common in name brand sauces.

Deliciousness at its Best!

Women led and always keto-friendly, Hungry Squirrel’s commitment to better living began with a mother’s love!

Businesswoman Sandra DiCicco had dedicated her free time to developing recipes that would allow her son to enjoy the same foods as everyone else, without affecting his health. Sandra’s son lives with type-1 diabetes, a unique health concern which comes with certain dietary restrictions. The idea that her son might feel ostracized for his diabetes frustrated Sandra, but the possibility of him becoming sick from unhealthy ingredients was an even greater concern.

With the help of food scientist Romanna Clark, Sandra began experimenting vigorously with different flavor combinations that would allow her to recreate the tastes of celebrated sauces like ketchup and teriyaki, using only healthy, all-natural ingredients. The resulting recipes went above and beyond everything they had hoped for. Sandra had given her son access to a line of gourmet sauces that would allow him to enjoy everyone’s favorite flavors, without jeopardizing his health. But why stop there? Sandra and Ro made the decision to champion equity full-time, by making their new recipes commercially available to the public.

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