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Supercharge Your Kids' Fitness

Are you ready to unleash the energy of your kids and teens into a bold and active lifestyle? At Hungry Squirrel, we're passionate about empowering the next generation to thrive through physical activities that promote their health and well-being. Recent statistics show that only 21% of children and youth in the United States meet the recommended guideline of 60 minutes of daily physical activity.1 Let's join forces and transform those numbers by making fitness fun and exciting for our little ones!

Here are some exciting and effective tips to help your kids achieve fitness success:

1. Pump Up the Intensity, Three Days a Week:

Encourage your kids to take their workouts up a notch by engaging in vigorous-intensity aerobic activities at least three days a week. While moderate-intensity activities like brisk walking or bike riding are fantastic, it's essential to challenge their hearts and lungs with activities that really get them moving and sweating. Think jumping rope, dancing, or playing a game of tag! Not only will this boost their cardiovascular fitness, but it'll also make exercise feel like an adventure.

Father and son doing push up on the playground

2. Start the Day with Energizing Stretches:

Kick-start your kids' day on the right foot by incorporating energizing stretches into their morning routine. Stretching helps improve flexibility, increases blood flow, and prepares their muscles for the day ahead. Encourage them to reach for the sky with overhead stretches, touch their toes with forward bends, or try yoga poses like the downward dog or mountain pose. Not only will this help wake up their bodies, but it'll also set a positive tone for the day.

3. Embrace After-School Activities:

After-school hours are the perfect time to get your kids involved in structured physical activities that they enjoy. Whether it's joining a gymnastics class, playing soccer, or participating in dance lessons, finding an activity that sparks their interest will keep them motivated and engaged. These activities not only promote physical fitness but also help them develop social skills and build lasting friendships. Don't forget that even household tasks like raking leaves or washing the car count as physical activity, so get their muscles moving and make chores fun!

By incorporating these tips into your kids' daily routine, you'll be helping them develop lifelong habits of staying active and healthy. Remember, fitness can be creative, fun, and sporty, so let your kids explore various activities and find what brings them joy!

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