Healthy Squirrel 101

Hotdog with relish

Is Relish Keto?

When planning keto meals, you need to look for ingredients that fit your lifestyle. In terms of dressings and condiments, is relish keto? We're going to discuss if relish is... Read More
Homemade hot sauce

Is Hot Sauce Keto Approved?

You have to consider nutritional effects when committing to keto food choices. For example, is hot sauce keto approved? We're going to discuss if you can use hot sauce in... Read More
Balsamic dressing being poured on a spoon

Is Balsamic Dressing Keto?

Balsamic dressing is a popular ingredient for various recipes. However, with the ketogenic diet notoriously strict on cutting down carbs and sugar, is balsamic dressing keto? For this guide, we're... Read More
Three jars of cranberry sauce

Is Canned Cranberry Sauce Keto Friendly?

Are you preparing a special meal and wondering if you should use canned sauce? However, with the ketogenic diet requiring low carb content, is canned cranberry sauce keto friendly? We're... Read More
Salad with a Greek dressing

Is Greek Dressing Keto?

A healthy ketogenic diet contains more fats and protein and less than 5% carbs. It might be that you love Greek dressing, but your biggest worry is - is Greek... Read More
Hollandaise sauce on top of asparagus

Is Hollandaise Sauce Keto?

Hollandaise sauce takes a few minutes to prepare, and adding it to your meal is an ideal way of getting high-fat and low carbs. But, even with low-carb and high-fat:... Read More
Chicken slices on top of a Caesar salad

Is Caesar Dressing Keto?

Caesar dressing is a great way to add flavor to your diet due to its low carbs and high fat. However, even with high-fat and low-carbs: is Caesar dressing keto?... Read More
Raspberry vinaigrette

Is Raspberry Vinaigrette Keto?

Fresh raspberries contain lots of fiber, fat, and minimal net carbs, offering a high flavor profile of your vinaigrette. Even though it has minimal net carbs and is high-fat: is... Read More
Salad with a side of blue cheese dressing

Is Blue Cheese Dressing Keto?

The blue cheese dressing is great when used as a dip for chicken wings or as a topper for salads. Although you might want to enjoy this addition when on... Read More
Salad with thousand island dressing

Is Thousand Island Dressing Keto?

A simple salad can taste much better when you drizzle a tasty dressing to your leafy greens, yet some sauces are not ideal for keto. So, the question today is,... Read More