Hungry Squirrel at the IFT First Annual event and expo


A Culinary Odyssey in Food Science

Last week, we embarked on a journey that was nothing short of squirrel-tastic. The destination? The Windy City, the heartland of America - Chicago! The mission? To meet and learn from the most innovative minds in the world of food science.

As lifelong learners with an insatiable hunger for knowledge (and good food), there's nothing we love more than understanding the latest advancements in the food industry. What we discovered in Chicago was simply mind-blowing!

IFT expo entrance sign with sammy the squirrel and Gargill representatives holding sammy the squirrel

A Feast for the Mind

We had the privilege of rubbing shoulders with scholars, innovators, visionaries, and achievers from all over the globe, each a maestro in their respective fields.

These are the people who are shaping the future of our food, finding solutions to the many food challenges facing humanity. From regenerative farming practices and enhancing nutritional value, these innovators are reshaping how we think about, produce, and consume food.

Sammy the squirrrel being held by an Ardent Mills representative and by an Ingredion representative

Knowledge is Power!

Every conversation, every interaction was a learning experience. We were like squirrels, scurrying from one source of knowledge to another, keenly soaking up all the insights and innovations.

One thing that stood out was the interconnectedness of science and innovation in the food industry. It's not just about making food taste better. It's about making food healthier, more accessible, more sustainable. It's about using scientific knowledge and innovative thinking to improve food for everyone, everywhere.

Sammy the squirrel posing next to Kemin representatives and Sammy being held by Icon Foods representative

At Hungry Squirrel, we're all about championing this kind of innovation. We believe in a world where science and innovation are not just accepted but celebrated as essential tools for improving our food systems.

Join Us in the Food Revolution

We returned from Chicago with our minds full and our hearts inspired. This trip reaffirmed our commitment to supporting food science and innovation.

Sammy the squirrel next to fruit and Sammy being held by the Kansas State College of Agriculture mascot

Let's be life-long learners together. Let's be the change we want to see in the food industry. Because when it comes to food, we're all in this together. Remember, a well-fed squirrel is a happy squirrel. And a well-fed world? Now that's squirrel-tastic!

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