Text: Y'all come to see us! in Nashville. KeHE Summer Show, February 7-8. Picture of stacked cowboy hats with Hungry Squirrel logo

Saddle Up for Success with Hungry Squirrel's Delights!

Greetings, astute retailers! Are you in search of an exceptional brand to distinguish your store from the rest? Your quest ends here!

We recently returned from the notable KeHE Summer Show 2023, convened at the renowned Nashville Music City Center, the beating heart of country music. Our devoted Squirrel Squad had a remarkable experience engaging with attendees and exhibiting our superior product line.

left: close up picture of hungry squirrel's booth table. Right KEHE logo and Hungry Squirrel stuff animal mascot

Nashville welcomed us with open arms, its legendary hospitality making us feel right at home. We reveled in the city's vibrant atmosphere, its love for music resonating with our passion for delivering quality products. The warmth we received from everyone we met was truly overwhelming and only added to the charm of this unforgettable experience.

Left: Hungry Squirrel sauce bottles with pink cowboy hat decor and mascot behind. Right  a lady mimicking a squirrel with a headband and mini cowboy hat.

Hungry Squirrel takes pride in offering an extensive range of low-calorie, keto-friendly, gluten-free, plant-based, and reduced-sugar products — ensuring there is something extraordinary for everyone.

Are you prepared to introduce exciting, nutritious products that will propel your retail or restaurant business to new heights? We invite you to join our squad! In this ever-evolving market landscape, we are excited to collaborate with you.

hungry squirrel's rep lady took picture in front of convention sign

Don't miss this opportunity to partner with us. We are eager to embark on this incredible journey together, enhancing your retail offering and providing value to your customers. Please contact us at info@hungrysquirrel.com today!

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