Sammy the Squirrel with st patrick hat. Text: Happy Saint Patrick's day

A Nutty Tale of Healthy Delights

Today, we bring you a poetic treat known as a limerick. Originating in Ireland, a limerick is a five-line poem that often carries a humorous or witty tone. With a distinctive rhyme scheme and rhythm, it's a delightful form of verse that tickles the imagination. Enjoy!

On St. Patrick's Day, squirrels play,
In green fields they frolic and sway.
With hearty appetites, And dietary needs in sight,
They feast on good eats all day.

Their nimble paws gather the food,
In forests, they search for the good.
Balancing taste and health,
They find wealth in each stealth,
Savoring flavors that are understood.

Keto and paleo-friendly they seek,
Plant-based and low calorie, unique.
From sauces to dressings,
Their choices are not stressing,
Healthy options that make you speak.

So raise a glass to these little friends,
Who know how to make healthy amends.
On St. Patrick's Day cheer,
Let's celebrate without fear,
For squirrels show us the balance that transcends.

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