Chinese Chicken salad on a plate next to a Hungry Squirrel Chinese Dressing bottle

Chinese Chicken Salad

Caught in a crunch? Don't fret! Instead, let's take a 'crisp' walk on the refreshing side with this tantalizing delight.

This salad struts its stuff on the catwalk of flavor, flaunting a perfect balance between savory and sweet. The star of the show? Our Premium Chinese Dressing - it's the secret agent that's mastered the art of disguise, sneaking in loads of taste without any added sugar or dairy.

Featuring our Keto Chinese Salad Dressing

Recipe Info

1-2 Yield Servings

8-11 Ingredients

5 mins Preparation Time

0 mins Cooking Time

Chef Notes:

  • Toasting the Nuts: Think of your almonds or sesame seeds as sunbathers. Give them a light toasting before adding them to your salad. This will make them show off their rich, nutty flavor and give an extra 'crunch' performance. Just remember, they like a dry pan over medium heat and need a little stir to avoid getting sunburned!
  • Chilling Before Serving: Once you've assembled your salad team, they need some chill time, literally. Send them to the refrigerator spa for at least 30 minutes before serving. This cool-down session lets the flavors mingle and the ingredients refresh themselves, resulting in a dish that's as invigorating as a splash in the pool on a hot day.
  • Use Fresh Vegetables: Freshness is the secret sauce of any salad. Ensure your lettuce is as crisp as a fresh dollar bill, your carrots as firm as a bodybuilder, and your cilantro as vibrant as a salsa dancer. Fresh vegetables don't just taste better - they add a crunch that's as satisfying as stepping on a crunchy autumn leaf!


Optional toppings:

  • 1 sliced avocado
  • 1 cup of almonds
  • Sesame seeds
Chinese Dressing Product on top a kitchen counter
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  1. Combine and toss salad ingredients to a large bowl.

  2. Pour 5 tablespoons of Keto Hungry Squirrel Chinese Dressing over the salad, toss together, and taste. You may add more dressing based on your personal preference.

  3. Optional: top with avocado, almonds and sesame seeds.

  4. Enjoy!!! 🐿️

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