Portrait of Brenda, text: Brenda @mrs_bride_gethealthy

Brenda's Keto Journey & Remarkable Transformation

Meet Brenda, a woman who turned her health around using the power of the ketogenic diet. Known as @mrsbride_gets_healthy on Instagram, she has lost an impressive 55 lbs and has become an inspiration for many. Passionate about cooking and sharing her low-carb recipes, Brenda's journey is a testament to the transformative power of healthy habits.

The Beginning of a Transformation

Brenda's journey began when she and her husband needed to lose weight. His A1C was high, and Brenda was struggling with arthritis and joint pain that was almost debilitating. After trying various treatments with no success, she discovered the keto diet. This wasn't just a diet for weight loss, but also a lifestyle that could help with inflammation.

With a limit of 50 net carbs a day, Brenda started exploring creative ways to keep her meals interesting and tasty. Exercise became a part of their routine, with activities like golfing, cycling, pickleball, and hiking becoming favorites.

What Motivates Brenda?

Feeling good and being able to move without pain are Brenda's primary motivators. Seeing her and her husband's blood work come back all good and creating tasty low-carb meals for friends, family, and followers drives her forward. The love and support from the keto community have been invaluable in her journey.

Enhancing Meals with Hungry Squirrel

Deprivation had always been Brenda's downfall on previous healthy eating journeys. But, with Hungry Squirrel sauces, she found a way to make tasty meals without missing out on flavor. "There are no other sauces and dressings on the market that have the flavor and are low carb like Hungry Squirrel," Brenda shares. Hungry Squirrel sauces not only enhanced her meals but also filled the void left by her favorite ketchup.

Brenda's Keys to Success

Brenda attributes her success to a variety of factors:

  • Variety: Keeping meals interesting with new recipes and products like Hungry Squirrel.
  • Hydration: Drinking plenty of water.
  • Community: Surrounding herself with others on the same journey.
  • Consistency: Sticking to her diet and exercise routine.
  • Learning: Continually growing and learning about health and nutrition.

In her spare time, Brenda enjoys cooking, bowling with her women's league, and leading a supportive Bible study group.

Left: Brenda before portrait. Right: Brenda after portrait playing golf

Words of Wisdom for Keto Beginners

For those starting on their keto journey, Brenda advises keeping it simple. Stick to 20 net carbs or less, drink plenty of water, and follow those who have been there before you. Ask questions, try new recipes, and make small steps to increase your physical activity.

The Joy of Sharing Recipes

Brenda loves sharing her recipes. When someone tells her they tried and loved her recipe, it fills her heart with joy. Over the past three years, she has grown her following from a few hundred to over 5000, all by sharing recipes and products she loves.

A Final Note on the Wellness Journey

Brenda reminds us that wellness is a process that takes time. "Be patient and give yourself grace," she says. She encourages everyone not to compare their journey with others' as everyone's path is unique. Above all, remember that you are not alone and reach out to others for help when needed. A year from now, you'll be so happy you started. Here's to your health and happiness!

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