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Cristy's Radiant Transformation

The Keto-Carnivore-Gluten-Free Lupus Warrior When we talk about dedication, resilience, and a zeal for life, one name that pops up on our radar is Cristy - known as @theketovillage on Instagram. Cristy turns basic elements into keto-friendly delights, boosting her journey towards holistic wellness. She's a force of nature who has managed to shed an impressive 151 lbs through her keto-carnivore-gluten-free lifestyle. As a Lupus warrior, she's a beacon of hope and positivity in The Squirrel Squad!

The Journey Begins…

Cristy's venture into the ketogenic lifestyle was born out of necessity rather than curiosity. Her health was not at its best, and she saw this as a crucial opportunity to improve. She started by eating clean and learned to take it day by day, prioritizing her health above all else.

Staying Motivated

What fuels Cristy's motivation is her desire to be active and healthy. She finds inspiration within herself, which is a testament to her self-belief and determination. Her key to success? Keeping things simple and sticking to the 90/10 rule. It's all about investing 90% of your time in major goals and limiting the remaining 20% to small tasks or distractions. It's a practical way to prioritize what truly matters and limit less productive activities.

Hungry Squirrel: A Game Changer

Hungry Squirrel products have been beneficial on her wellness journey. They have added a burst of flavors back to foods that once seemed bland and uninteresting. From meatballs to egg rolls in a bowl, to bunless BBQ burgers, she's created endless delicious recipes using Hungry Squirrel.

Hobbies and Interests

When she is not experimenting with new keto recipes or working out, you can find Cristy hiking, swimming, snorkeling, or traveling. These activities are not only fun but also help her stay active and connected with nature.

Words of Wisdom

For those just starting their journey into keto or carb cycling, Cristy advises, "Keep it simple and ask when in doubt." She believes that it's essential to make the process enjoyable rather than overwhelming.

A Supportive Community

Being part of a supportive online community has been a significant aspect of her journey. Cristy believes in the power of sharing and learning from each other’s experiences. Since embarking on her wellness journey, she has started helping others for free and has built an amazing online community. She says, "Find people doing the same thing. It’s a lot easier, and the support is amazing!"

Cristy's story is a testament that with determination, patience, and the right support system, anyone can overcome their challenges and live a healthier, happier life. Follow her journey on Instagram @theketovillage and get inspired to start your own wellness journey today!

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