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Portrait of Risa. -Text: Risa@keto.risa



A culinary queen and one of the OG Squirrel Squad members! This foodie extraordinaire whips up a storm in her kitchen, and then sets off on gastronomic adventures at various eateries. As a fan of the ketogenic lifestyle, she's always on the quest for variety. And guess who's her faithful sidekick on this journey? None other than Hungry Squirrel with our lip-smacking sauces and dressings!

Join Risa as she continues her delicious exploits, one bite at a time!


Mini Keto Meatloaves

Sweet Spicy Shrimp Stir Fry

Sesame Ginger Salmon

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Cristy Portait with Instagram handle: @theketovillage



Cristy, @theketovillage, loves to be creative in the kitchen by making homemade dishes. Cristy turns basic elements into keto-friendly delights, boosting her journey towards holistic wellness. She enjoys using Hungry Squirrel sauces and dressings, which allow her to indulge her tastebuds while sticking to her ketogenic diet.

Follow Cristy's and get inspired to start your own wellness journey today!

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Portrait of Curt @KETOXJUNKIE



Transforming for the better, Curt is a true inspiration! Realizing he needed to embrace a more wholesome lifestyle, he leveled up his life game, embarking on a quest for healthier choices. With a diet upgrade and an XP boost in physical activity, he powered up to reach his goals. Now, he shares his walkthroughs with his followers, dishing out tips and reviews on power-ups like Hungry Squirrel that keep his health stats maxed out.

Tune in to his journey and get ready to rewrite your own life story with wellness at its core!

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Portrait of Nicole Jean @KETOWIZZARD


Nicole Jean

A radiant beacon of positive vibes and wellness wizardry, Nicolle Jean is supermom who turned her life around, one mindful choice at a time. With a sprinkle of patience and a dollop of determination, she cooked up a recipe for success in her life.

Now, she's adding a pinch of Hungry Squirrel to her meals, spicing up her wellness journey with a tantalizing twist of taste and nutrition!

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Picture of Sammy and Hungry Squirrel. Text: Sammy



Father, husband and grill master, Sammy is a flame-taming, grill-loving maestro!. With a spatula in one hand and a passion for healthy eating in the other, he's on a tasty adventure to find the perfect balance between flavor and nutrition. He's found a kindred spirit in Hungry Suirrel, which matches his zest for taste and health!

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Portrait of Byron. Text: Byron @primal.outdoor.cookj



Byron is always in search of exciting, fire-kissed dishes. He's a virtuoso at the barbecue, turning up the heat with sizzling, gluten-free recipes that align with his fitness regimen. For Byron, creating healthy meals isn't just a task, it's an exhilarating journey under the open sky!

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Picture of brenda with squirrels. Text: Brenda @mrs_bride_getshealthy



Brenda, known as @mrsbride_gets_healthy, and her hubby said "Hello!" to a lifestyle shake-up, plunging spoon-first into a culinary adventure. Brenda with her passion for cooking, conjured up low-carb meals that were not just good, but mouthwateringly great! Her journey? A transformation tale that's as heartwarming as it is inspiring, serving up proof that healthy habits are the secret ingredient to life's magic!

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Scrumptious Gourmet Masterpieces

Snap-happy foodie? Chef it up and serve your creativity! Tag us @hungry.squirrel.foods and hop into the #thesquirrelsquad party!

A plate of Air Fryer Grilled Cheese  with Hungry Squirrel Ketchup. - From Instagram follower:  @ketosuccesscoach
Keto Corn Dogs with Chili Sauce on a jar. - From Instagram follower:  @bunny_hopp76
Healthy Bowl of Salad with Hungry Squirrel Chinese Dressing. -From Instagram follower:  @keto.abg
A plate of Seared Teriyaki Glazed Venison Backstrap, with rice and brocolli. - Hungry Squirrel Teriyaki Sauce on the background.- From Instagram follower:  @jimmydean1147
A bowl of Teriyaki Chicken noodle with Chopstick. - From Instagram follower:  @_cookwithmimi
A Bowl of Keto Salad with Hungry Squirrel Italian Lite Dressing. - From Instagram follower: @anna_loves_avocado
A Plate of grilled salmon, rice, avocado. With Hungry Squirrel Chinese Dressing. - From Instagram follower @keto.risa
Grilled Duck drizzled with Sweet & Spicy Chili Sauce. - From Instagram follower: @jimmydean1147
A Plate of grilled ribs. - From instagram follower @ketomuscles
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